About Integrity Health Products

Integrity Health Group

Integrity Health Products is an International Corporation specializing in advanced nutritional supplements. Founded in 1998, our facilities are located in Ontario, Canada and Florida, USA. Integrity Health Products strongly believes in helping others, as such, “Integrity” is more than just our name, it’s our philosophy.

We fully stand behind our products and support our customers with the tools they need to change their lives.

Integrity Health Products is the manufacturer of the #1 selling product in Canada,* Flush the Fat with Internal Flush® and the revolutionary new product Wine Waist Flush . Integrity Health Products also manufactures the popular SYSTEM line of weight loss products including: System Appetite Control, System Digest, System Cleanse + Detoxify, System Garcinia Cambogia, System Green Coffee Bean and System Raspberry Ketone.

We’ve recently diversified our offerings with a functional food line called System Cookie Slim. Available in two flavours, System Cookie Slim is a high fibre cookie that helps curb your appetite.
After her own struggles with weight loss and ultimate success, Gina Broccolo founded the company to help other women like her achieve their weight loss goals. Our business is built upon one core value – Integrity. At Integrity Health Products our goal is to help make a profound difference in your life with superior products and diet programs.

Our vision for your health
Today, more and more people like yourself are turning to natural products designed to prevent disease and promote better health and vitality. Our commitment is to produce products that offer nutritional solutions instead of short term relief of symptoms. This vision gives us meaning and purpose. It drives us to reach and develop the best quality products for you and your family.