About Gina Broccolo

Gina Broccolo - Niagara Business Woman - Integrity Health ProductsGina Broccolo, a Niagara business woman understands that achieving that ‘perfect’ self, whether it’s losing 5, 50 or 150 lbs is not as simple as it sounds and can be one of the most difficult, ongoing struggles.

As a young woman, Gina was fit and slim at 5’8” and 125 lbs and not unlike many women, her lifestyle changed dramatically with poor nutrition choices and a lack of exercise.

It wasn’t until Gina spent 30 days at a cleansing spa where she finally realized weight loss results. During her stay at the health spa, she acquired the knowledge and the tools for effective weight loss, which she uses today to achieve better health, both personally and with her clients.

After returning home and continuing the program, Gina decided to leave her career in the travel industry and set out on a mission to help other women achieve their health and wellness goals.

That mission started with her own business and the formulation of a revolutionary product that would aid any nutritional and exercise program.

Since 1992, Gina has helped and continues to support millions of women around the globe in achieving realistic weight loss goals. “I got into the industry for the rest of my life. This is my life’s purpose,” says Gina.  Since that point, Gina Broccolo, launched some of the top selling weight loss products in Canada including Internal Flush, Wine Waist Flush and the very popular System Weight Loss brand. Her commitment to helping women is remarkable and she is delighted to share with you her past struggles, her successes and offer support throughout your journey to a healthier you.


Gina Broccolo - Before Weight Loss
Gina Broccolo – Before Weight Loss

My Struggle


The fight of a lifetime – Maintaining a healthy weight and positive body image can be challenging, as society places an incredible amount of pressure on women to be thin and beautiful all the time. I was like any other woman out there, juggling life’s responsibilities, working multiple jobs, dealing with family and relationship pressures, and dedicating all my time to others instead of myself.

My personal health had gotten away from me and I had gained approximately 75 lbs and tipped the scale at 205 lbs. My life changed dramatically. I was making all the wrong choices in food and not exercising. I had blamed my weight gain on several factors and was angry for letting myself get to this weight.

I knew that something had to be done and for the better part of two years, I had tried every diet product available in the marketplace with no success. During these programs I had no emotional support and people never understood how I truly felt, what I was going through or where my weight gain came from.


My Success

Success didn’t come overnight and the road to weight loss was lonely at times. As I mentioned, for the better part of two years I had no support and was unsuccessful with any program I tried.

It wasn’t until I spent 30 days at the cleansing spa that I was on the right track and clearly understood what it took to achieve better health. I learned the body is weighed down by toxic waste and that a build-up of toxins is a major underlying factor in weight loss difficulties. I realized a healthy diet is also the backbone of any nutritional program with cleansing playing a huge role as well.

My stay at the cleansing spa provided a total lifestyle change. When I arrived I weighed 205 lbs and I left 30 days later at 175 lbs, I was amazed with the results and attributed my success to the incredible amount of dedication, support and knowledge the associates provided at the spa.

After returning home, I continued to work on my weight loss. It wasn’t easy but within 9 months and with many peaks and valleys, I successfully lost 75lbs and have never looked back.


My Commitment


Gina Broccolo - Focus Group - Niagara Business Woman
Gina Broccolo – Focus Group – Niagara Business Woman

I got into the The Health Industry for the rest of my life. This is my life’s purpose.

I understand that women are tired of being misled and are looking for honesty in the people and the programs they choose. And this is why in 1992, I decided to dedicate my life to helping women get on the right track. Since then I’ve launched some of the top selling weight loss products in Canada including Internal Flush, Wine Waist Flush and the very popular System Weight Loss brand.

I look forward to the opportunity to support and assist you on the road to a healthier you as I know how you feel and I felt the same way. Please connect with me when you are ready.

Gina Broccolo 
President/Founder of Integrity Health Products